About Us

Thank you for your interest in Corporate Jewelers.
We are based in Stow, Ohio. We do events for all the Cleveland Clinics, University Hospitals, Aultman Hospital, G E Capital, Medical Mutual, and many more.

The Repair Clinic is a great time saving service for everyone. At the repair clinics we can size rings up or down, repair chains, replace missing stones and tip prongs, replace clasps, solder rings together, and watch battery replacement and much more all on-site and the same day.
Everyone who comes to the event will have their jewelry cleaned and inspected and receive a free polishing pad. These services would normally take 1-2 weeks at a jewelry store and the item may be sent to who knows where to actually be done! Our repairs are done the same day and don’t leave the premises.

Along with the Jewelry Repair you can also do a Gold Buying event. This has been VERY POPULAR at the shows. We evaluate each item for: weight, karat gold (14kt, 10kt, 18kt etc). We then check what gold is trading at that day and write the customer a check for their items. We will pull any gemstones the customer wants returned to them. We are not just people who sell Jewelry; we are Jewelers who actually do repair work.

At the Jewelry Sale we have Sterling Silver, 10Kt and 14Kt items with prices ranging from $5 to $1000. Any sizing or alterations to a new purchase are done that day! All items are guaranteed and of the highest quality. We go overboard to make sure all of your employees are happy with our repair work and jewelry purchases. Word travels fast if customers are not happy with us!

Of course a portion of the events sales are returned to you to do with as you see fit. We have made major contributions to the United Way, Make A Wish, Ronald McDonald House and more. These events can raise a substantial amount for your charity or employee fund. We supply all of the staff for the event, all the flyers and signs. Anything that you can do to help promote the event is helpful also, emails etc.

Below are some references, feel free to call them.

Aultman Hospital – Ellen Miller (330) 363-7431
Akron General Hospital – Lisa Russel, Manager Vol. Services (330) 344-6541
SummaCare – Andrea Veroca (330) 996-8446

If you have any questions or would like to schedule an event, please call Tom Quirk at (216) 832-0208 or email at corpjewelers@msn.com

Tom Quirk